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Jessica Lauren Photography

If you’re looking for the perfect photographer for your wedding, Jessica Lauren Photography, owned and operated by Jessica Merlino Urzua, is an award winning, boutique style studio, specializing in weddings and boudoir photography. Jessica Lauren has been internationally recognized, and has photographed over 1000 weddings around the world, including Italy.

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” This quote sums up what we do best. We aspire to capture the beauty in everything possible. Photography has helped us to express who we are in a way that we never have before, and we are truly blessed to do something we love each and every day.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonJessica and her team of four female photographers pride themselves in paying close attention to every detail on a wedding day. There is a ton of competition in today’s wedding industry; to set ourselves apart from our competitors, we try to envision ourselves as the bride in every wedding we photograph. We constantly ask ourselves questions such as, “If this were my wedding, what would I want my photos to look like?” “What can I capture that is interesting and different from all the other photos I’ve seen out there?”

We like to describe our style as fresh and unique. We try to think outside of the box, and we steer away from photos looking too “posey-posey.” Being female photographers really helps us to relate to our clients, because we know how most of you have dreamed about this day since you were little girls. This is what helps us to constantly strive to improve our work, and it also motivates us to get more creative each and every day. We love our career… We love our clients… and for that we are forever grateful.

Please contact our studio at 862-377-5961 or for more information.

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