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Horseneck Tavern

Making a difference, Horseneck Tavern offers our guests a unique experience. The food, upscale American served in a decidedly casual atmosphere. The staff, exceptionally warm and friendly. Simple fresh ingredients carefully picked from local markets and organic purveyors dictate the chefs’ choices for our daily and seasonal selections.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonEach meal is beautifully crafted in an unassuming effortless way… Surprising flavors and textures complete the most savory of dishes. A touch of candied pistachios surround our signature beet salad. Slow roasted organic Amish chickens served with lemon verde are meant to be shared. Then there’s the grilled salmon over wilted arugula, or baby-back ribs that melt in your mouth. Or the gnocchi with braised short rib ragu paired with some really nice wine. These are just a few of our HNT fan-favorites.

A stand-out feature, cozy red banquettes anchor the restaurant and flow into the bar area. Glass doors open the entire front of the Tavern and patio al fresco style, evoking a welcoming come-hither vibe.

Happy Hour kicks off the scene each evening. Specialty cocktails, beer and wine flow along with dollar oysters. Live entertainment is the standard for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Steeped in the tradition of the Horseneck tract, old world images hung throughout the space and trivia cards marking the historic richness of the territory capture the true essence of the region and our DNA.

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