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H2Ocean Restaurant & Raw Bar

ABestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttont the H2Ocean restaurant and raw bar, the food says it all. You’ll find an abundance of shellfish and fish, all freshly caught, tastefully prepared and beautifully presented. The fish at H2Ocean don’t come from a farm; in fact, most of them come from local fisheries; and the produce at H2Ocean comes from local farms as well.

H2Ocean image 3The decor at H2Ocean is classy and gorgeous, with a bit of humor and fun mixed in. The atmosphere is comfortable, joyful, and peaceful; the perfect setting for a delicious meal. When you arrive at H2Ocean for dinner, you’ll start your meal with an appetizer, perhaps Lina’s House Made Meatballs or a Farmer’s Cheese Board laden with local honeycomb, fruit preserves, artisanal bread and tasty cheeses. Try an H2Ocean salad with Green Goddess Dressing next, or taste the amazing Lobster Bisque.

Wild-caught fish, pan-seared boat scallops, filet mignon and double cut pork chops are all-stars on the menu, and you’ll also find comfort foods like Cavatelli & Crab and Wild Seafood Linguini. The raw bar includes delicacies like local little neck clams, Atlantic Seaboard oysters, and Ahi Tuna.

Whether you’re searching for a wedding reception venue, a rehearsal dinner location, or the perfect spot for a party, H2Ocean can help you make your vision a reality. The main dining room seats up to 200 people, which is ideal for a large gathering such as a wedding reception.

H2Ocean image 6If you have a smaller group, H2Ocean also has two additional dining rooms for private events. The Submarine Room, a loft area with space for 30 guests, is outfitted with a custom sound system and its own elevator entrance. The Lower Banquet Room can accommodate up to 100 guests. This space includes a private entrance, coat room, restroom and foyer, along with a custom sound system. If you want to show a montage or video, H2Ocean can provide audio-visual equipment for either private dining space. Another option is the Bar & Raw Bar package, which gives you and your guests full access to the bar and lounge area of the restaurant, along with your own shucker.

H2Ocean is serious about food and freshness, and the H2Ocean team is also serious about giving back to the community. They frequently recognize nurses, teachers, law enforcement officers, and others for their service with free draft beer or wine on specific days. The restaurant is also vocal in its support for cancer research, hunger relief, and other important health and humanitarian causes.

Reserve space for your event at H2Ocean by filling out the online reservation form. If you have a group of more than eight people, call 973-984-9594 and the hostess will assist you with your reservation. The operating hours for H2Ocean are Monday through Thursday from 11:30 am until 10:00 pm, with an extended dinner hour on Friday. Saturday hours are 5:00 pm through 11:00 pm, and the restaurant is closed on Sunday, unless you have a previously scheduled private event. No matter when you plan to visit H2Ocean, you can be sure of a delicious meal and an unforgettable experience.

Location Details

41 Ridgedale Avenue
Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

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