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Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House

If you’re searching for a casual, comfortable place to enjoy some seafood, check out Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House in Westville, New Jersey. The incredible taste and quality of the food, along with the relaxed, family-style atmosphere, makes this restaurant the ideal destination when you just want some affordably priced,¬†perfectly prepared seafood. Sit on the riverside of the dining space to enjoy better views through the large windows.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonGrabbe’s is all about crabs; you can purchase your own fresh market crabs at the adjoining seafood company or enjoy as much crab meat as you want at one of Grabbe’s all-you-can-eat crab nights! Grabbe’s serves high-quality crabs from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, as well as lobsters from the cold waters off the shores of Maine. The freshwater crayfish or crawfish used in the restaurant are raised in Louisiana.

Grabbe's image 4One of the most famous dishes at Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House is the Grabbe’s Crab Cake. Enjoy them on their own or as part of a tasty crab cake sandwich. Other sandwich options include the flounder sandwich, oyster sandwich or softshell crab sandwich. The restaurant also serves Basket Delights, including shrimp, chicken strips, or clam strips in a basket. For dinner, indulge in one of Grabbe’s platters, accompanied by two sides and featuring mouth-watering fried oysters, fried scallops, fried flounder, Cajun catfish, chicken, stuffed crab, stuffed flounder or stuffed shrimp.

For guests who do not prefer seafood, Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House offers other delicious options. Grab a juicy cheeseburger or a cheese steak hoagie instead. There is also a kids menu that includes favorites like hot dogs, pasta, pizza, shrimp and chicken nuggets.

Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House offers a wide range of beverages, including old-fashioned RC Cola and other soft drinks. Beer is sold by the bottle, and wine or cocktails are available upon request.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a seafood lover you know, consider a gift certificate to Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House. With the restaurant’s reasonable prices and casual atmosphere, your friends and family members are sure to enjoy a pleasant time.

Are you hosting a party for a birthday, anniversary or work-related function? Grabbe’s Seafood & Crab House provides party trays, including crab balls, shrimp, crab claws, wings and mozzarella sticks. Grabbe’s also offers a full on-site catering service. You can use the Grabbe’s dining space for a personal celebration, work gathering or any other occasion that is special to you, and your guests can enjoy either a full menu or specific menu selections during your event. Just call 856-456-3594 to discuss dates and options with the event coordinator.


Location Details

19 Delsea Drive
Westville, NJ 08093

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