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WBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonhen your child enrolls at Goddard School, they start a journey towards lifelong success. Students of the Goddard School for Early Childhood Development consistently achieve higher CPAA scores than the national average. Goddard Systems, Inc. holds AdvancED Corporation Accreditation, securing a position as a collective of high-quality learning and childcare centers.

goddard-image-6Play-Based Education
According to research, children learn best when they are having fun; that’s why our programs are designed to promote learning in a play-based environment. Thanks to our F.L.E.X. learning program, teachers are able to adapt lessons to fit the current interests of students. We emphasize play as a mode of learning that develops critical thinking skills, enhances creativity, and promotes confidence in our young students.

Highly Trained Teachers
Each teacher at Goddard School is rigorously trained and wonderfully skilled in both educating and caring for kids. The care and attention that our teachers provide helps children grow into happy, respectful, well-adjusted students.

Scholarship Program
Goddard School offers a special scholarship to students who graduated from the pre-K or kindergarten program. Once they reach their senior year of high school, these students become eligible to apply for the $10,000 scholarship.

goddard-image-3Our Locations
The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development has branches throughout the United States, including a number of schools in New Jersey. Residents of Wayne, Paramus, Iselin, Toms River, North Brunswick and many other towns can take advantage of our premium schools for little ones. Each Goddard location has both an on-site owner and a specially trained education director.

Visit the location search page on our website to find a center in your area. Call 1-800-GODDARD, send us an email or visit a Goddard School near you, and our staff will be happy to answer any questions and explore the possibilities for future enrollment.

Location Details

2086 Hamburg Turnpike
Wayne, New Jersey 07470
973-839-3980 and 1-800-GODDARD

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