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Gemini Productions

Smooth transitions from one song to the next, song choices so perfect that you feel as if you’re in your very own movie, guests that dance for hours with you because they are having so much fun— that’s the hallmark of a great DJ. With Gemini Productions, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a personable, responsive DJ who knows just how to make your evening special.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonGemini has a number of expert DJs ready to step in and create musical magic at your reception. The company also supplies MCs who introduce each part of the reception, including the newlyweds’ first entrance, the special toasts, and the important dances. You’ll appreciate Gemini’s use of cutting-edge technology and modern style to create the perfect ambiance for your reception.

Gemini DJIf you would like uplighting, special effects, a monogram, or lighted patterns on the dance floor, Gemini can make it happen. At your first meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the team at Gemini what you envision for the reception. Let them know about any unique lighting or special effects that you want to have, and they will customize a package just for you. The right lighting can take a plain dance hall and turn it into a virtual fairyland. Add some mist on the floor as a special effect, and the two of you will be dancing on the clouds.

Are you interested in having live musicians at the wedding? Talk to Gemini Productions and they will hook you up with musicians who are fun and fantastic. You can even rent lounge setups from Gemini if you’d like to have a lounge area for older guests at your reception. If your venue lacks TV screens on which to display your video or photo montage, you can rent those from Gemini as well.
Gemini DJ
Follow the current wedding trend and include a central gathering point such as a photo booth at your reception, courtesy of Gemini Productions. The photo booth allows guests to relax and have fun after the formality of the ceremony. The booth comes with an array of enjoyable props and colorful borders so your guests can show their personalities in each photo. The pictures print arcade-style in a strip, and you’ll get a disc with all of the images so that you can enjoy them for years.

Gemini DJHiring one company to do it all for you takes away much of the stress of wedding planning. When you choose a DJ and MC from Gemini Productions, you’re getting a couple of highly skilled, intuitive guys who know how to work a crowd while still keeping the focus on you and your new spouse. You can also have the lighting, live music, seating, plasma TVs, and photo booth all in one convenient package.

In fact, Gemini even offers videography services, complete with a drone that you can use to take scenic video from overhead.

Gemini Productions serves a broad section of the Tri-State area, including Central Jersey, North Jersey, and New York City. If you’re interested in booking them for a DJ or other wedding services, call 973-686-1003 or email

Location Details

1320 Route 23 North
Wayne, NJ 07470
(973) 686-1003

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