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ESP Entertainment

Imagine the moment when you enter the wedding reception hall and a voice says, “For the first time anywhere, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. X!” You probably imagine a burst of music at that point, celebrating your joyful arrival. Afterwards, you probably want light music throughout the dinner or cocktails, following by an intimate first dance and then some lively songs to get your guests moving.

Who sets up the sound system, announces eachBestofNJ-com Client's Website Button item on the agenda, and knows just when to play the perfect song? Your MC and DJ from ESP Entertainment, of course! With a vast music library at his fingertips and your preferences as his top priority, your ESP DJ will transform your reception with the soundtrack you always wanted to have. ESP Entertainment uses high-class sound systems in your venue. No fuzzy, forgettable music for you— every track fills the room at just the right volume, with perfect clarity.

Would you like to turn your reception into a real show that your guests will never forget? Hire live musicians to perform during the event. Choose from saxophones, percussion instruments, strings, harps, pianos, and vocalists. When you mix and match the perfect live music group with the help of the experts at ESP Entertainment, you’ll have a real treat in store for your guests. Musicians are available for your cocktail reception, dinner and dance reception, or wedding ceremony.

ESP Entertainment

Whether you’re having your wedding at well-known locations like the Park Savoy or at a lesser-known gem of a venue, ESP Entertainment can hook you up with fantastic lighting that will make the place look even more amazing on your wedding day. Many brides and grooms choose ambient uplighting, which lends a magical air to the event and makes you and your new spouse feel as if you stepped into a fairytale. On the dance floor, ESP Entertainment can do a lighted custom monogram of your initials or names. During the dances, you can have automated lighting that changes with the mood of the music, from subtle glows during the first dance to exciting colors during those high-energy dances.

Give ESP Entertainment your collection of special photos featuring the two of you, and they will prepare a lovely montage of those images, set to music. Your guests will enjoy viewing the montage on large video screens at the reception. Add the ESP Photobooth Lounge to your plans, and you’ll get a beautifully draped booth with neutral decor that fits perfectly with your reception venue. It’s big enough for groups of several friends and relatives to snap candids together, which makes it perfect for capturing fun wedding-day memories.

Esp Entertainment

Brides and grooms praise ESP Entertainment for their kindness, respect, and patience. The ESP team knows how stressful planning a wedding can be, and they go out of their way to make it easier on you both. They plan with you in advance, arrive early to ensure that setup goes smoothly, and bring backup equipment just in case. If you’re ready to have your expectations exceeded, call 877-774-2279 or send them an email.

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51 John F Kennedy Pkwy
Short Hills, NJ 07078
(877) 774-2279
(973) 463-0353

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