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Elite Sound Entertainment

Imagine that you’re dancing in a beautifully decorated room, gleaming and sparkling with lighting from Elite Sound Entertainment. Your favorite romantic song is playing, while above you on the plasma displays is a photo montage of special events and precious moments featuring the two of you— also produced by Elite Sound Entertainment (ESE).

Later in the evening, the Elite Sound DJ has everyone on their feet, moving and grooving and celebrating together, while the images on the screens change to candid photos taken just minutes earlier by your ESE photographer.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonWith Elite Sound Entertainment, you get to choose every piece of music. Your DJ is all about acquiescing to your wishes and making your night special, so he will honor your music choices and use only your pre-selected request list. DJs from ESE are experts at reading the room and knowing when to play the fast-moving songs and when to include a romantic slow dance. From mashups to remixes to original classics of all genres, your Elite Sound DJ is fully equipped with a vast music library from which to select your wedding reception soundtrack.

Elite Sound Entertainment is much more than DJs, though; they have an entire lineup of special services for weddings. Maybe you and your life partner experienced some serious romantic fireworks, and you want to express that passion in the special effects at your wedding. Elite Sound Entertainment provides extras like pyro sparklers, confetti cannons, or CO2 blasters that make your first entrance as a married couple a truly memorable moment. You can use the effects for other parts of the wedding reception as well, maybe during a special dance. Want to dance on the clouds together? ESE can make it happen. After all, the two of you are rock stars for the day, and you should get the full celebrity treatment.

Elite Sound 3

Perhaps you have attended weddings at which a Photo Booth added some light-hearted, memorable fun to the experience. Elite Sound Entertainment offers a Photo Booth service, too, along with the added bonus of a Social Media Kiosk where guests can upload their pics from the Photo Booth to their social media venue of choice. The Photo Booth includes plenty of fun props so that your guests can relax and let their sense of humor shine while making priceless memories.

Elite Sound 2

You have probably selected a gorgeous venue for your wedding reception; but did you know that the right lighting can make it look twice as grand and amazing? Special uplights, set in the right spots, accentuate beautiful draperies, architectural details, or other decor elements and make the place seem truly palatial. Of course, since you are the center of attention for the evening, you can ask Elite Sound Entertainment to arrange special highlights,  spotlights, or personal touches to the lighting arrangement.

Brides and grooms who used Elite Sound Entertainment rate them consistently at 5 out of 5 stars, and they praise the team for their friendliness, attention to detail, and quick responses to questions. There’s an easy-to-use planner website associated with the company that helps you stay organized and saves you stress. If you’re ready to book your total entertainment package from Elite Sound, call 201-843-8003 or send them a message via the website.

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