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Dr. Andrew Miller (Associates in Plastic Surgery)

Are you uncomfortable wearing sleeveless garments or swimsuits because of the baggy skin hanging from your upper arms? Is your chin severely receded? Perhaps you have a hooked nose? Dr. Andrew Miller, of New Jersey’s Associates in Plastic Surgery, can correct any of these physical issues and many more.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonDr. Miller began his training at Baylor College of Medicine. After graduating with honors, he did his plastic surgery training at Tulane University in New Orleans. As a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he is an expert in the form and function of the human face on all levels. In fact, Dr. Miller’s renown in the field has garnered him invitations to deliver lectures at prestigious conferences. He has also written book chapters and journal articles about facial plastic surgery.

When you first meet Dr. Miller, you’ll be impressed by his calm demeanor and his caring attitude. He takes time to listen and understand each of his patients. When he does a nose job (rhinoplasty), an eyelid lift, chin augmentation or other facial procedure, he pays attention to the tiniest details, delivering results that are nothing short of amazing. The artistry with which Dr. Miller practices his craft yields natural-looking results so that his patients never have to feel self-conscious.

Miller profile picAlong with Dr. Miller, other trained plastic surgeons like Dr. Elliot Heller, Dr. Shain Cuber, and Dr. Julie Miller share their expertise as part of the team at Associates in Plastic Surgery. Each surgeon in the group has a different specialty, but all are well-known for their skills and emphasis on premium patient care and up-to-date methods.

If you like your features and are instead looking for a bit of rejuvenation, one of the experts on the team can explain options like coolsculpting, skin peels, spider vein removal, the latest fillers, Botox, mesotherapy or Fraxel laser treatment. Any of these treatments can help without the potential discomfort of surgery.

In the cases where surgery is necessary, Dr. Miller and the other surgeons at Associates in Plastic Surgery use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, and take great care to help you heal up quickly and beautifully. Tummy tucks, butt implants, breast implants and lifts, arm lifts and liposuction are some of the most popular offerings. For women whose bodies have changed through childbirth, the team offers the “mommy makeover.”

Set up a free consultation today by filling out the form on the website, or by calling 800-860-1435. (Financing tips are also available on the website.) If you believe plastic surgery will improve your quality of life, take action today and move forward towards a better version of you.

Location Details

1150 Amboy Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08837

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