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Diane Turton Realtors

DBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttoniane Turton Realtors is a full-service real estate company for residences and commercial buildings in New Jersey. We have been voted the “Best of the Best” real estate agency for Ocean County and Monmouth County, according to the Reader’s Choice Awards conducted by Asbury Park Press.

Our president and founder, Diane Turton, has been in the business of helping people find homes for many decades. The core values of our business include service, knowledge, trust, communication and courtesy, five things our clients value in a realtor.

diane-turton-image-6Buyer Services
At Diane Turton Realtors, we’re experts in the NJ market, especially the areas around Philadelphia, Atlantic City and New York City. We can make a must-have list of the things clients need for a new place, and then work within any budget to find some options. Our realtors are trained to help clients consider all aspects of a neighborhood or community, including the available schools, shopping centers, parks and other amenities.

Seller Services
For homeowners looking to sell, we assist with identifying fair market value, setting the price, designing a marketing strategy, listing the home and working through the offers that come in. We coordinate all the details and the paperwork, while clients make the decisions and enjoy the success.

Online Servicesdiane-turton-image-5
The Diane Turton website showcases active listings that can fit any needs and budget. We provide beautiful photos of magnificent homes in the area, ranging from million-dollar mansions for sale to commercial buildings for lease.

Our Locations
Our corporate center is conveniently located in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, but we have 15 locations all along the NJ shoreline. We gladly serve home sellers and buyers throughout the surrounding areas.

For more information, visit the Diane Turton Realtors website to access our easy-to-use contact form, or call us at 1-877-388-7866.

Location Details

511 Forman Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

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