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Diamond Castle

Diamond Castle is proud to be your local, family jeweler for over 25 years. Diamond Castle is located on the first floor of our new, luxurious building in Manalapan, in the heart of beautiful Monmouth County. We are excited to provide you even more wedding and fashion jewelry options. The ambiance is elegant, yet friendly, and our clients enjoy a relaxed shopping experience among beautiful jewelry.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonOur jewelry specialists are ready to help you select the finest jewelry for yourself and your loved ones. Whether custom-made or something from our latest collections, we look forward to helping you with all your jewelry needs! A visit to our store can seem overwhelming at first – so much gorgeous jewelry! – but your friends at Diamond Castle will be delighted to help guide you with our unparalleled expertise and enthusiasm.
Diamond Castle

Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Experts

As we share the building with our sister store, Castle Couture, it’s now easier than ever to help guide you through many aspects of your personal bridal journey: from engagement ring selection or custom design, to wedding gowns of any woman’s dreams, to selecting the perfect wedding bands for your most special day!

Diamond Castle has more than 3,000 engagement rings and wedding bands in stock every day. If that sounds like too many to choose from, don’t worry: Our bridal department experts can help narrow down your search to your ideal ring in almost no time. And if you’re more inclined to create your own unique ring – be it quirky, cool, or archaic – our custom design department can make it for you.

Incredible Jewelry and Luxury Watches

The first thing you will notice when you come to Diamond Castle is the amazingly vast selection of stunning jewelry: case after dazzling case of it! No one can help you sparkle like Diamond Castle can! Whether you are looking for a jaw-dropping, diamond necklace or, perhaps, something a little more demure, we have just what you desire. From diamonds and gemstones to sterling silver, we have nearly every budget covered as well.

Diamond Castle

Repair Department

Even when following proper care and maintenance schedules, sometimes jewelry brakes and requires repairs. Not only do we offer repair services for our own merchandise, but also offer repair services for jewelry not purchased here. From simple ring sizing to caring for intricate family heirlooms, we can handle nearly any service request.

Please visit our website for more information about repair and restoration services:

Customization, Remodeling, and Restoration

Diamond Castle is one of the very few jewelry stores in the country that has its own manufacturing facility. We not only manufacture our own jewelry, but also provide this service to the jewelry industry.

Diamond Castle

Our in-house, custom design department offers you nearly limitless options in the creation of new jewelry pieces or returning heirloom jewelry to like-new condition. Some additional reasons why to have our experts create or revitalize your jewelry:

  • Faster delivery: Why wait extra weeks?
  • Hands-on quality control: You’re in charge!
  • Opportunity to approve your wax model: See it before the final piece is made!
  • Watch the work: Center stone settings are done on the premises while you watch!
  • Greatly reduced cost compared to other jewelers: Why pay more?

Our master jewelers are true artisans with over 25 years of experience in making hand-crafted jewelry.

Diamond Castle History

Built on a solid foundation of hard work, integrity, and strong principles, Diamond Castle was established in Woodbridge, NJ, in 1989. Since the beginning, we knew that continuing and expanding our education within the jewelry industry would be an important element of our success.

Our instincts were correct and, by the early ’90s, Diamond Castle had nearly doubled in size. Our rapid expansion made it necessary to relocate to our own store in Marlboro, NJ. We further enhanced our business by assembling a top-notch sales team with outstanding qualifications and a dedication to exceptional customer service that matched our own.

Diamond Castle

Redesigned and custom-made items became a tremendous part of our business. Beginning with nothing more than a client’s request, we create a one-of-a-kind piece that fulfills the client’s every wish, down to the smallest detail. The fact that creating special designs was becoming commonplace at Diamond Castle enabled us to add the tagline, Where Dreams come True, and mean it.

Diamond Castle has acquired the working knowledge of both a superior retail jeweler and a manufacturer. This unique combination, along with the continuing education that we provide for our sales team as well as ourselves, truly sets Diamond Castle apart from the rest.

When you shop at Diamond Castle, you can be confident that you’re getting the very best quality jewelry at the very best possible price!

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