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DeVry University

At DeVry University, we believe in the power of knowledge; but we also go a step BestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonbeyond knowledge to prepare students for the practical, hands-on tasks they will encounter in their careers. We provide cutting-edge technology and tech-related programs that prep students for the digital future. According to U.S. News & World Report, DeVry University ranks among 2016’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

Colleges and Schools
devry-image-6DeVry University has colleges of Business & Management, Engineering & Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts & Sciences and Media Arts & Technology. The Keller Graduate School of Management is also an option, along with a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Students can obtain an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree through DeVry, or they can pursue a degree in Information Technologies (IT).

Campus Locations
DeVry University boasts over 55 locations in the United States, including one campus in New Jersey located in North Brunswick Township. Our influence in education reaches far beyond the physical campus, however; we offer many online courses that build towards a degree and prepare you for a real-world career.

Financial Aiddevry-image-5
To aid our students in their quest for education, we offer millions of dollars in grants and scholarships every year. You can also explore our fixed tuition promise, obtain a loan, pursue applicable military benefits or investigate group tuition pricing. Reduce the cost by maximizing your transfer credits and undergoing our prior learning assessment.

Classes start every eight weeks and are offered all year. Simply submit an application, talk to an admissions counselor in real-time on our website, or fill out our online form to request more information. For career-ready individuals, the friendly staff at Career Services can offer valuable suggestions for charting a career course, honing interview skills, preparing a resume, and looking for a job.

Location Details

630 US-1
North Brunswick Township, New Jersey 08902

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