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Dean Michaels Studio

Among the many important facets of your wedding, photography stands out as one of the most essential elements. After all, photos are like a portal through time, a way to preserve and remember certain special moments. The wedding day is so beautiful yet so fleeting, but the expert photographers from Dean Michaels Studio to help you hold on to those memories and keep them fresh in your heart for decades.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonWhen you meet with Dean Michaels Studio, you’ll chat with the team and express your desire for the look and style of your photos, as well as any particular poses you’d like to see. You’ll be able to create a custom package that works for your needs and your wedding budget, and you can select from the smorgasbord of gorgeous coffee table book designs and wedding album layouts.

Dean Michael image 6Dean Michaels generally suggests two photographers for your wedding, so that you can enjoy images taken in both the traditional style and the photojournalistic style. Both of these photography styles, used together, create the perfect blend of photos that tell your wedding story.

Are you planning an unusual setting for your wedding? Dean Michaels Studio is willing to go wherever your dream wedding takes you. One time, the studio photographed the marriage of Jay Bernstein, Hollywood Super-agent. He and his wife were married in formal scuba gear, 50 feet beneath the waves of the Caribbean.

Have you hired a cinematographer yet? If you’re choosing Dean Michaels Studio for your photos, it is easy to do your cinematography with them as well. Their cinematographers are skilled at finding the right angles and being in the right places to catch the flicker of tender emotion on the groom’s face, the breathless smile of the bride as she walks the aisle, and the joyful voices of friends and family at the reception. You don’t want to miss out on those magical moments, and your Dean Michaels cinematographer can seize them for you so that you can view them again and again.

Dean Michael image 5The photographers and the cinematographers from Dean Michaels know how to get beautiful photos and great footage without being obtrusive or getting in the way. They bring their own artistic brilliance to the wedding, but they never forget your vision, your style, and your personality. When you see your photos, they will be amazing, and they will be uniquely, perfectly yours.

After the wedding, your photos go to Dean Michaels, into the hands of a team of post-production specialists, where the pictures are edited and prepped. You’ll receive your photos, videos, and albums swiftly, and each one will be beautifully finished for your very own collection of wedding art.

On the Dean Michaels Studio website are three amazing wedding portfolios that you can peruse at your leisure. If you’re unsure about which studio to choose, those incredible photos will settle your doubts.

To get in touch with Dean Michaels Studio, call 973-377-0761 for the primary location in Madison , 973-709-0110 for the Saddle Brook location, or 732-385-8606 for the Manalapan Township location. You can also contact them via the convenient form on the website.

Location Details

2 Elmer St
Madison, NJ 07940
(973) 377-0761
Tue-Sat 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

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