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Conca D’Oro Italian Pastry Shop

The Conca D’Oro Italian Pastry Shop was established in 1935 and founded by Mario Caruso from Italy. When coming to America, Caruso brought traditional old world Italian baked specialties. Conca D’Oro first opened up in Newark on 15th Avenue before moving to South Orange Avenue. It wasn’t until 1976 that they moved to their present location at 1039 Stuyvesant Ave in Union. After working for the Caruso family for 13 years, Juan Lopez took over the business.

The Caruso family knew how loyal Lopez was and passed down the ownership of the business along with all of the family recipes. He has owned the business since 2003. Conca D’Oro has been proudly serving four generations of families with nothing but the best assortment of miniature and large Italian pastries, along with Italian cookies and their famous traditional Italian Rum Cake.

In BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonItaly, Sicily is known as “Conca D’Oro,” which means “The Golden Pot.” At this pastry shop, that golden pot may be filled with their signature dessert, cannolis! These delicious pastries are fresh-filled prior to being purchased, unlike many of the competitors today. A “Cannoli Party” is another signature for Conca D’Oro, consisting of one large, 16-inch cannoli which is surrounded by 30 small cannolis and accompanied with two containers of dips.

They are also known for their delectable chocolate biscotti. They make delicious traditional Italian pies and cookies special for holidays that they can ship across the country.

If you are looking for the freshest pastries around, visit Conca D’Oro to satisfy your sweet tooth!


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