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Command Performance Video

Are you dreaming of a wedding that makes you feel like a movie star? With Command Performance Video, you and your special someone will be the movie stars in your very own wedding video, a creatively designed and expertly edited movie that showcases your romance, your personalities, and your wonderful wedding day.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonHarold Doe, the man who founded Command Performance Video, will be the primary videographer at your wedding. He’s not just a photographer or DJ who thinks he can shoot video— he is a trained expert with a wealth of experience, and he specializes in wedding cinematography. According to Harold, one of his passions is observing the way people react in various settings, particularly in relation to key life events like marriage. He enjoys being able to capture a beautiful, emotional moment on film in a way that really connects with the viewer.

After 34 years of shooting wedding videos, Harold’s enthusiasm for these joyful, hopeful events is undimmed. He always looks forward to shooting the next wedding-day love story—maybe it will be yours!

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Regularly, Harold takes stock of his tools of the trade, including his cameras, software, accessories, and technology, and ensures that his methods and devices are up-to-date so that he can continue to provide clients with the high-definition, high-quality footage they want and deserve.

At your wedding, Harold will work with you to achieve some posed or planned footage. However, he understands that sometimes that kind of posing gets old, and you just want to keep moving on with your special day. With subtlety and intuition, he’ll step in as needed and move in the background as much as possible. He and his team maintain the utmost respect for you, your family, your guests, and your wedding.

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Harold and his assistant are courteous; they dress in formal attire, and they stay out of the limelight. They also keep the cameras and accessories to a bare minimum, bringing along only what is necessary to achieve beautiful, crisp video footage of the moments that matter most.

Are you eager to receive your wedding video soon after the event? Some videographers take months to edit, finish, and deliver the video. In contrast, Command Performance Studios starts the post-production process immediately. Harold and his team jump right in, editing and polishing your wedding movie so that you can have it within the month. In fact, CPV averages just three weeks of turn-around time until you receive the final product.

Most brides are on a budget, and if yours is on the slim side, you’ll be happy to know that Command Performance Video is considered very affordable by other New Jersey brides. All you have to do to reserve CPV’s services is call Harold at 856-783-7098 or email him at Like many other brides and grooms who have left Harold rave reviews, you’ll be very happy with the wedding video and raw footage that you receive. Command Performance Video serves couples in New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and Greater Philadelphia.

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Location Details

15 E 8th Avenue
Pine Hill,,
(856) 783-7098

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