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Coldwell Banker

ABestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttont Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we’re here to help with buying or selling a home. We have a longstanding tradition of ethics and honesty, with a solid reputation to back up those values. Founded back in 1906, the Coldwell Banker brand is North America’s oldest, most well-established residential real estate franchise system. We continue to be the real estate agency of choice for many people throughout New Jersey and around the world.

Services for Buyers
On the Coldwell Banker website, we have a handy map of New Jersey so viewers can pinpoint places they might like to live and see the listings that we have in those areas. Our realtors have worked in the NJ market and they understand all the factors involved in finding the right place. They can provide details about the length of a commute, nearby schools, shopping and amenities and traffic patterns. An agent will listen to every client’s request, review the “must-haves” and “wants” on a wish list, and find a good match.

Services for Sellerscoldwell-banker-image-4
With the help of a local agent, clients can develop a marketing strategy that reaches the right prospective buyers for their home. Our roster of agents in New Jersey is filled with friendly, knowledgeable experts in the industry, who are fully capable of helping set a price, list a home and draw in potential buyers. Our agents are also trained in the effective handling of bids, negotiations and the settlement process.

Those ready to move forward with selling or buying a home should contact Coldwell Banker Real Estate using our customer care form; one of our expert real estate agents will get in touch as soon as possible. We’re here to help the home-selling experience and real estate search go smoothly.

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