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Char Steakhouse

CHAR STEAKHOUSE is a New York style steakhouse with two locations in Central Jersey. Our innovative cuisine features only the finest cuts of DRY AGED & PRIME BEEF with fish delivered fresh daily. Guests will dine by landscaped views revealed by towering windows. Mahogany wood walls and ceiling treatments create an authentic steakhouse environment rivaled by none in the NEW JERSEY DINING SCENE.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonOur first restaurant opened its doors in 2008 in RARITAN, NJ. Unique features include four modern fireplaces that are the first of their kind, a curved wall of water that rains serenity in the aptly named Rain Room. Guests can enjoy 7 cuts of the finest quality dry aged beef or snack on oysters and colossal blue crab from our premier raw bar. Seating in the lounge is offered on a first come first serve basis or party goers can reserve arched custom booths for up to twelve.


Location Details

777 US 202
North Raritan, NJ
Mon. - Thur. 4:30 - 10pm • Bar 4pm - Volume Fri. Lunch 12 - 4pm Fri. - Sat. 4:30 -11pm • Bar 4pm - Volume Sun. 3 - 9pm • Bar 3pm - Volume

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