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Carl’s Fencing, Decking, and Home Improvements

As a full-service home remodeling company, Carl’s Fencing, Decking, and BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonHome Improvements has been active in New Jersey and nearby areas for over 40 years. Our family-owned business is dedicated to providing high quality at a great value, offering aesthetic beauty and durability to all our clients. Along with our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we have a reputation for beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Carl’s is the biggest fencing contractor for NJ residences. Our manufacturing facility creates all of our beautiful fence options in materials like aluminum, vinyl and wood. We can even customize a fence style to suit particular needs.

For those looking to repair or replace a roof, we can help; we present clients with an array of high-quality, attractive roofing material options so that they can select the one that best fits their budget and style preferences.

When it comes to replacing old, damaged siding, we are one of the best contractors available. We’ll check out the house’s exterior, report our findings and make a recommendation based on the condition of the current material and the overall look of the home. Before long, clients have a house that looks brand-new from the curb!

Outdoor Features
At Carl’s Fencing, Decking, & Home Improvements, we have specialists that can solve landscape issues and make that dream deck work in almost any space. We can also create lovely pergolas to offset any outdoor dining spaces, lounge spots or entertainment areas. We’ll even help design and install an outdoor kitchen on the patio or deck.

For anyone looking to install new windows, doors, roofing, siding or other home improvements, give us a call at 888-697-9476. Alternatively, be sure to visit our website to contact us, learn more about our team or check out testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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