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Cap’N Cat Clam Bar

Located in tiny Tighe Town in Franklinville, New Jersey, Cap’N Cat Clam Bar is a beloved local eatery for visitors and residents. Tighe Town has one motel, one liquor store, one tavern, and one restaurant— Cap’N Cat Clam Bar. The family-owned eatery, which dates back to 1986, serves up fresh, delectable crab, oysters, shrimp and clams.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonThe dining area of the Cap’N Cat Clam Bar is casual and homey, featuring wood-paneled ceilings and Tiffany-style lamps overhead. But the number one reason that people visit the Cap’N Cat Clam Bar is the seafood. The house’s Seafood Bisque is a large serving, full of delicious shredded seafood. Clam stew and oyster stew, as well as the Cap’n Chowder, are favorite soups as well.

Cap N Cat image 6If you like your seafood raw, try the half dozen raw clams or oysters on the half shell. You can also order steamed clams in portions of 15 or 48, and steamed shrimp in lots of 12, 40, 55, 80, or 5 pounds, depending on your group’s preferences and appetite. The restaurant is famous for its Dungeness Crab, which comes in a regular size, XL size, clusters, or legs. Try the snow crab clusters, king crab legs, lobster tails, mussels, or prepared smoked whiting. The house cocktail sauce is a unique, delicious blend that complements the seafood perfectly.

The Cap’N Cat Clam Bar supplies a wealth of seafood options, especially when it comes to shellfish, but they do not offer side items. However, they allow guests to bring their own vegetables, potatoes and other side items to accompany the seafood.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening, Cap’N Cat Clam Bar has live music at the piano. The owners of the Cap’N Cat Clam Bar also own the Little Ease Tavern next door, as well as the liquor store. While you are dining and enjoying the pleasant family-style atmosphere, you can order wine, beer or other drinks from the eatery’s ample supply. Throughout the week, and especially on weekends, the Cap’N Cat Clam Bar is very crowded, so go early or be prepared to wait a while to be seated. Though the menu is limited and no sides are available, the quality and taste of the seafood itself are enough to bring guests from miles away to eat at Cap’N Cat Clam Bar.

Are you interested in making a reservation at Cap’N Cat Clam Bar? Call 856-694-9888 or fill out the easy-to-use contact form on the restaurant’s website. You can also email  for additional information. If you’re planning a rehearsal dinner, birthday party, anniversary celebration or business function and you need a space to host it, ask the team at Cap’N Cat Clam Bar about using the restaurant for your event. Usually, Cap’N Cat Clam Bar has extended hours; it is open from 9:00 am until 12:30 am on Mondays, and on Tuesday through Saturday the hours are 9:00 am until 1:00 am. Sunday hours are Noon until Midnight.

Location Details

3111 Delsea Drive
Franklinville, NJ 08322

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