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Blue Water Seafood Co

Blue Water Seafood Company

The very best quality seafood artistically prepared to perfection has propelled the Blue Water Seafood restaurant as a premier destination for seafood in New Jersey. Fresh fish purveyed for daily, hand selected by the chefs, and prepared to absolute perfection has made Blue Water a local hot spot.

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So, What’s so Special about Blue Water?

Blue Water is distinguished amongst the best restaurants in NJ, if not the East Coast, not only because of its unique preparation of seafood but rather for its commitment to excellence within every dish. So, here are some of examples of our fanatical approach towards excellence:

Lobster Bisque – Not only will you find the most lobster per serving anywhere but the most amazing flavors surface because of the meticulous 15 step process undertaken by the chef. Live Maine lobster is the main ingredient, the very lobster from the pot is de shelled for each serving.

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Lobster Roll – Order the lobster roll and be a bit patient. A live Maine lobster is prepared to order; steamed and de shelled with a mix of organic herbs it makes for a lobster roll worth waiting for!

Crab Cakes – Very few places in the world will you find crab cakes made of whole (unbroken) pieces of colossal crab claw with almost no filler whatsoever. The chef utilizes fine Japanese ingredients as filler to blend the mouth watering flavors.

Shrimp Cocktail – U8 shrimp (found only at the most exclusive restaurants because of its massive size and high quality) is hand selected by the chefs for the making of the cocktail shrimp. Shrimp is prepared within an herb cocktail consisting of Japanese and Greek spices. The cocktail sauce is house-made with organic ingredients.

Oysters, Mussels, and Clams – come from the cleanest and best waters on Earth but what sets Blue Water apart is the actual harvest date. This means that the oysters put before you are opened for your enjoyment within 48 hours from the time they are harvested. Now… that’s fresh!


Location Details

1126 State Route 18
East Brunswick, NJ 08816
(732) 967-9220
(732) 967-9223
Open Daily 11:00 AM-10:00 PM

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