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Blue Claw Crab Eatery

Are you hungry for some really fresh, really good seafood? Maybe you want to BestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonbring along your whole family, and you’re not so sure about trooping into an upscale dining spot with your noisy clan? The Blue Claw Crab Eatery is a small, intimate, family-friendly crab eatery located in Burlington, New Jersey, and it’s the perfect place to bring the whole crew for a delicious seafood lunch or dinner.

Blue Claw image 6The indoor dining space is cozy and intimate, with blue walls reminiscent of the eatery’s name. The walls are covered with posters, plaques and nautical memorabilia, so you’ll always have something interesting to look at. The shades covering the large windows feature underwater scenes of crabs, ocean plants, and crab traps, along with a sunken fishing boat. Other unique decor elements include the lighting fixtures, which resemble lobster traps with their spaced wooden slats. Thick paper covers the tables, making cleanup a breeze after a messy meal of crabs, and entire rolls of paper towels stand on each table for the guests’ convenience.

In addition to the freshest, most delicious crabs you may ever eat, the Blue Claw Crab Eatery offers simple appetizers and sides such as homemade onion rings, fried mushrooms, fried pickles, French fries, hush puppies, corn nuggets, mozzarella sticks, calamari rings and mac’n’cheese bites. Dig your fingers into a plate of hot wings or baby back ribs, or try the Buffalo Garlic Shrimp. New England clam chowder, creamy seafood bisque and Spicy Maryland Crab Soup are all appetizing delights. From coconut shrimp and mussels to fried scallops and a lump crabmeat cocktail, you’ll find almost any seafood appetizer you could image on the menu. Keep the tasty meal going with a fried platter of cod, flounder, tilapia, oysters, shrimp, crab cakes, or clam strips. Enjoy some of the Blue Claw’s famous crab with a side of corn on the cob. After you have licked your fingers, finish the feast with key lime pie, chocolate cake, cheesecake, or a Klondike bar.

Besides the seafood, one of the best parts of eating at Blue Claw Crab Eatery is the service. From the servers to the chefs, every person on the team is friendly and helpful. If it’s your first time eating crab in the shell, the attentive staff at the Blue Claw will help you learn how to do it; in fact, they have posted a crab-eating demonstration video on their website to assist newcomers.

The Blue Claw Seafood and Crab Eatery is open from 11:00 am until 9:30 pm Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, the dinner hour is extended to 11:00 pm. If you would like to reserve space, order takeout, or ask questions about the Blue Claw Crab Eatery, just call 609-387-3700 or email with your inquiry. A member of the Blue Claw team will get in touch with you and answer all your questions. Bring friends and family to the Blue Claw for a casual rehearsal dinner, the celebration of an engagement, a family reunion get-together or a birthday party.

Location Details

4494 Burlington Pike
Burlington, NJ 08016

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