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Berkeley College

Since 1931, the focus of Berkeley College has been putting students first. We BestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonimmerse our students in the knowledge and skills that will help them thrive in a competitive career marketplace. At Berkeley, we have over 8,300 students enrolled each year at our campuses and through our online college. Our international students number well over 600 and represent about 100 different nations.

berkeley-image-6Programs and Schools
Each one of our undergraduate programs at Berkeley was designed with direct involvement from leading experts. This way, we ensure that students are getting the in-depth knowledge and real-world skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Our School of Liberal Arts channels all the undergraduate majors, ensuring that every young student receives a multi-faceted education.

At Berkeley, we consistently update our programs to stay on the cutting edge of each field, so that when our students graduate, they are ready for the professional arena. Beyond the undergrad level, other programs are available through the School of Health Studies, School of Professional Studies, School of Business and School of Graduate Studies.

Campus Locationsberkeley-image-5
Berkeley College has a campus in New York City’s Midtown, as well as campuses in Brooklyn, White Plains, Dover, Newark, Paramus, Clifton, Woodland Park and Woodbridge. The Newark, New Jersey campus is a prime option for New Jersey residents, as it sits right in the central business district. We also offer Berkeley College Online so that you can pursue knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Campus Visits
If you would like to visit a Berkeley campus, stop by our website and fill out a short form. After choosing which campus you would like to see, select which program you might be interested in pursuing and we can contact you to arrange the details of your visit.

To contact someone at Berkeley College, email You can also call the Newark campus admissions department at 973-642-3888, where one of our helpful admissions counselors can help answer any questions you may have. If you’re already sure that Berkeley College is the place for you, apply online to start the acceptance process.

Location Details

536 Broad Street
Newark, New Jersey

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