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Barry Herman Entertainment

Your wedding is like your very own romantic movie. You get to select the setting, the costumes, and the order of events; plus, you get to choose the soundtrack for the entire affair. Whether you need musicians for the ceremony or a band for the reception, Barry Herman Entertainment can supply the sound and style you’re looking for.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonAs a bride-to-be, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the choices and decisions you have to make before the big day. To relieve some of that decision fatigue, Barry Herman supplies you with a list of suggested songs for specific events during the ceremony. For example, there is a full-page list of suggested numbers to play for the father-daughter dance. Barry Herman Entertainment also offers ideas for the first dance, cake cutting, candle lighting, ceremony, garter removal, mother-son dance, and other dances. Of course, you can request songs that are not on those lists; but the suggestions are helpful for busy brides with a million things to think about.

At Barry Herman Entertainment, you’ll have fourteen exclusive-set bands from which to choose. The company also offers groupings of musicians to play the quieter music you need for your ceremony or cocktail reception. On the Barry Herman website, you can listen to samples from various bands, including the soulful Cashmere band. Fantasy is a group that features dramatic vocals from a versatile lead who can channel a variety of top artists with his voice. Infinity is a band that blends live performance with DJ action to product a stunning show that your guests will remember for years. With Prestige, you’ll enjoy a lively, powerful band that’s sure to get your guests moving their feet.

Barry Herman Entertainment image 3Sterling features four amazing vocalists. Each one has a unique, beautiful sound, but when their voices and energy are mingled together, the effect is truly magical. Shining Star, another band from Barry Herman Entertainment, features highly skilled percussionists and excellent vocals. Do you want something a little softer and more romantic, with a bit of vintage flair? Try Silk, a band with a male lead vocalist and female backup singers with beautiful voices. British Invaders lends a unique European flavor to the music, while Nathan does a superb one-man act with his keyboard and his amazing voice.

Barry Herman Entertainment image 2If you prefer just instrumental music for your reception or for the ceremony, Barry Herman has a number of groups that have the professional skills to deliver a concert-level performance. Choose a piano and sax, piano and bass, 4-piece strings, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, flute, steel drums, mandolin or harp. If the budget allows, go all the way with a full string orchestra.

Book a group from Barry Herman Entertainment for your wedding by calling 1-800-915-1940, or go online and fill out the quick, easy form so that an entertainment specialist from Barry Herman can contact you and set up a visit. Contact them early in your planning process, since the Barry Herman bands are in high demand for weddings in the New Jersey and New York areas. You’ll be glad that you put your wedding’s soundtrack in the hands of these musical experts!

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