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Asher’s Limo

ABestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttont Asher’s Limo, we know the morning of a wedding day is filled with last-minute preparations. Between greeting relatives, trying to eat something to maintain strength, gathering all the necessary items and making sure bridesmaids and friends know what to do, things can get stressful in a hurry.

Which is why it comes as such a relief when a driver from Asher’s Limo arrives. Clients know they will be gracefully ushered into the beautiful interior of a shining limousine by a driver in formal attire. During the trip, the wedding party can relax, gather their thoughts and appreciate the added taste of elegance Asher’s Limo can provide on a wedding day.

SelectionAshers Limo image 1
We offer a selection of vehicles to suit every taste. One of the most popular choices is our Lincoln stretch limousine. Each one of these fabulous limos offer long leather seats and accommodate up to 10 passengers. Passengers have access to a CD player, DVD player and stereo system at their disposal. The wedding party can quench their thirst at the bar, lit with twinkle lights and stocked with ice, water and soda. They can also partake in complimentary sparkling cider or champagne, served in crystal champagne flutes. Rainbow neon lights and mirrored ceilings enhance the atmosphere of the limo.

In addition to the Lincoln stretch limousine, Asher’s Limo offers an iconic Rolls Royce; the classic, creamy-white model features spacious seats upholstered in smooth new leather. Our Rolls Royce models have also been updated with a CD player and power windows, plus cold air-conditioning for those summer weddings. Not to mention the exquisite vintage details like the pull-out tray tables and original steering wheel and dashboard.

The Asher’s Limo Promise
Every vehicle that belongs to the Asher’s Limo fleet is kept in perfect condition; the seats, floors, trim and other details are all impeccably maintained and very clean. While no one can guarantee a wedding day will be sunny and cloudless, rest assured that Asher’s Limo drivers take precautions against any inclement weather; in case of rain, drivers will provide umbrellas and offer to walk each member of the wedding party to the door if necessary.

Ashers Limo image 6

Every Asher’s Limo driver has experience with chauffeuring couples and wedding parties. Our drivers guide each car safely and smoothly so that guests can just relax on the way to their next destination. Most importantly, it is our highest priority to keep to the party’s schedule, making sure the day goes according to plan.

Why stress about the transportation logistics of a wedding day? Plan everything ahead of time with the help and advice of the knowledgeable team at Asher’s Limo; call 1-800-546-6226 or email to reserve a limo or other vehicle today.

Location Details

393 Mountain Ave
Springfield, NJ 07081
(973) 376-1175
Open Daily 9:00 AM-8:00 PM

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