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Around Town Entertainment

Your wedding is your day to throw the party of your dreams. From the flowers to the food, you want everything to be the best. Of all the factors that can make your reception a success, the band you choose is perhaps the most important element; so why not go all out and splurge on one of the top bands in New Jersey?

When you choose Around Town Entertainment, you’ll be able to connect with a set of brilliant musicians and vocal artists who can take your wedding to the next level. Each Around Town band sidesteps the clich├ęd or expected song selections and helps you design a truly unique soundtrack for your wedding.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonThe Around Town Band was Around Town Entertainment’s original dance band, and the group continues to be a top choice for couples who are getting married. This band is dedicated to playing your favorite songs at your wedding, so you’ll have full control over the song list for the event. With the Around Town Band, you get a high-energy group that retains a classy, professional approach; so while your dance floor will be full, your wedding will still have that subtle air of sophistication that you prefer.

Do you want everyone at your reception to let their hair down, relax, and have fun? Choose the After Party Band, a group of youthful, talented musicians and vocalists who have expertise with top 40 songs, classic dance numbers, Latin music, and ballads. They are incredibly versatile, fun, and professional, all at the same time.

Around Town EntertainmentAre you looking for a band with a polished, pristine sound? The A-List Band from Around Town Entertainment delivers superior performance on every level, from their formal attire and gorgeous voices to their winning personalities. The musicians never miss a beat, and they are flexible enough to play any musical style to perfection. You and your new spouse will feel like celebrities with such incredible musicians performing just for you and your guests.

Perhaps you are looking for a DJ instead of a band, or maybe you want to have live music for part of wedding and a DJ for the rest. Either way, Around Town Entertainment can help you out. Their DJs can spin records with flair, and each one has the charisma and class that you need at your reception. An Around Town DJ will personalize your song list to perfection and keep the party going as long as you like.

Around Town Entertainment image 2Along with live music, bands, and DJ services, Around Town Entertainment offers lighting packages. They will light up the stage for the band, provide uplighting for the rest of the venue, and add other lighting effects by your request. Get in touch with Around Town Entertainment by emailing or call to set up a consultation. The Around Town team will help you to select the right band, DJ, lighting, and other services, and they will work with you to keep it all within your budget.

Location Details

21 Natale Dr.
Andover, New Jersey 07821
(917) 679-8636

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