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Ambient DJ

Ambient DJ Service

After your wedding ceremony, all you want to do is party! You want a dance floor full of friends and family members, celebrating and rejoicing with you and your new spouse. What if you could really have that incredible dance party, complete with a soundtrack of amazing songs designed just for you? Ambient DJ’s expert disc jockeys are the genies who can grant your wedding-day wishes for a truly incredible reception experience.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonAmbient DJ is all about the unique style and voice of your wedding, expressing your personality as a couple. The DJs listen closely to what you tell them about your wishes and requests, and they make you and your spouse the stars of the evening. In the 2013 Wedding Industry Expert Awards, Ambient DJ was named “Best Disc Jockey Service in New Jersey,” a tribute to their superb musical aptitude and their skill with crowds of wedding guests. In addition, the company gained “Best of Weddings” recognition from in 2015.

Upgrading and updating its music is a top priority for Ambient DJ. The company purchases every song it uses, both to respect the artist who created it and to ensure premium sound quality. At your wedding, your DJ will have instant access to a library exceeding 50,000 songs. Your DJ can play your last-minute requests from any genre or era, and he’ll be able to mix and match the perfect musical blend to suit the mood of your wedding.

Ambient DJ
A bride-to-be has a lot of details to plan and arrange, so it is helpful when the vendors for the wedding are responsive and organized. Ambient DJ has a reputation for being detail-oriented and communicative with brides. Every engaged couple gets an in-person planning consultation, but if you’re busy or out-of-state, that consultation can happen via phone or video call. Plus, you have access to the necessary forms online or in hard copy, depending on which one is easier for you.

Ambient DJAmbient DJ does not pressure you into choosing a package that isn’t right for your budget. They offer streamlined options with DJ services and some simple lighting, as well as comprehensive packages with elaborate lighting, custom monograms, and special effects for specific dances. Are you interested in having live music at the reception? Ambient DJ can connect you with professional percussionists and other musicians whose skills will enhance the atmosphere of your wedding.

In addition to their DJs and lighting packages, Ambient DJ supplies a variety of other services. If you haven’t reserved the services of a video guy yet, ask about Ambient DJ’s videography division, led by professional videographer Greg Riccardi. Riccardi has shot video for over 1,000 weddings, so he understands how to stay unobtrusive while capturing high-definition footage that you’ll want to treasure forever.

Ambient DJ has its home base in Princeton, New Jersey, but its DJs can go wherever you need them to be, including other parts of New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania. Email or call 609-672-1270 to book your Ambient DJ and other important wedding services.

Location Details

6 Teal Ct
Hightstown, NJ 08520
(609) 672-1270
Mon-Sat 12:00 AM-11:59 PM

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