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Alex Kaplan Photo – Video – Photo Booth Specialists

Your wedding fund may not be as full as you would like, but you can still have a fantastic wedding photographer with years of experience and a natural gift for capturing memorable, visually beautiful moments in time. Alex Kaplan Photo offers a unique blend of affordability, cutting-edge technology, and artistry that results in stunning photos.
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When you choose to use Alex Kaplan Photo for your wedding, Alex will meet you in person at one of two convenient studio locations, either in New Milford or on West 30th Street in New York City, a couple of blocks from Penn Station between 6th and 7th Avenue. Alex will talk over your wishes and preferences for your wedding, as well as any specific poses you want to include or avoid.

Alex Kaplan image 5On the day of the wedding, Alex knows when to step in and direct poses and when to stand back and seize the magic as it happens. He excels at capturing real, natural emotion in people’s faces— a tear of happiness slipping down the bride’s cheek, smiles shared between a mother and daughter, or the laughter of the bridesmaids. He sees the tiny elements of beauty that another photographer might miss, like the helping hands of friends and family members holding the veil as the bride descends the steps. The fun, the emotion, and the romance of the day is all blended into a priceless collection of images that you will prize for decades. If you want your friends to exclaim over the beauty and quality of your wedding photos, you’ll want to secure Alex’s services for your special day.

Are you concerned about blemishes or other issues with certain wedding photos? Alex is an expert at retouching images. Using top software programs, he can even whiten a person’s teeth, smooth wrinkles, or remove unwanted marks.Alex Kaplan image 4

Alex Kaplan Photo offers cinematography services as well. You’ll be treated to beautifully edited footage of your marriage ceremony and your reception, including special elements like the couple’s introduction, the toast, and the first dance. Ask Alex about combining cinematography and photography services into a custom package.

As if the video footage and photos weren’t enough, Alex Kaplan can add yet another unique element to your wedding. A custom Photo Booth makes the event more fun, providing a space where your guests can gather, relax, laugh, and make memories. Professional attendants set up the booth, supply props, assist the guests, and then take the booth down after your event. You’ll get 2-5 hours of use from the booth, depending on how long your reception lasts. The on-site Photo Booth printers will deliver photo strips instantly, complete with custom messages added by your guests. Plus, you’ll get all of the Photo Booth pictures as an online web album, a scrapbook, and a DVD. You can print your favorites from the online album or share the photos with friends and family.

Couples who used Alex for their weddings often express astonishment at the incredible quality and beauty of the results for such an affordable price. If you’re on a strict budget, consider placing your wedding photos in the capable hands of the experts at Alex Kaplan Photo. Call or text Alex at 917.992.9097 or send him a message via the contact form on the website.

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Location Details

60 West Main St
Bogota, NJ
(917) 992-9097

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