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Affinity Federal Credit Union

Affinity Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union with headquarters in BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonNew Jersey. We have a total of 15 branches and over 133,000 members. Clients who join us become part of a stable union with ample assets, a long history of good business practices and excellent customer service. We assist with all personal banking needs, from writing checks to saving up for the future.

affinity-image-6Account Services

Affinity offers many types of savings accounts, including IRAs, HSAs, certificates and Money Manager accounts. We also provide standard checking accounts and accounts that supply dividends. For the young people in our clients’ families, there are youth accounts, student accounts and free accounts designed just for kids.

affinity-image-5Online Banking
We provide secure-yet-simple online banking services so customers can do whatever they need, wherever they are. Our banking activities can also be accessed from an ATM or touch tone phone.

Mortgage and Loan Options
Any local Affinity Federal Credit Union branch office can help clients start the loan application process for a new home. We can also help with personal loans or auto loans, subject to approval. For credit needs on a smaller scale, we offer a selection of credit card options.

Business Solutions and Insurance
Affinity Federal Credit Union offers effective solutions for business loans and business banking. Clients also come to us for life insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance, enjoying the convenience of having all their financial affairs streamlined in one secure location.

Locations and Hours
Our website is a valuable source of information, including tips and tools, important forms, our Affinity Connect blog and informative Home Buying Seminars. To contact us, either drop by any branch location, use our live chat feature on the website, send an email to a particular department, fax us, or send us a letter at 73 Mountainview Boulevard, Basking Ridge, NJ, 07920. Our Member Service Center is available at 800-325-0808 anytime, 24/7.

Location Details

73 Mountainview
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

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