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NJ Health-Children swim in pool underwater

Juvenile Arthritis: Helping Children Thrive

While a common misconception holds that only older individuals must cope with arthritis, nearly 300,000 children in America have been diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. It is important to note that these children suffer from autoimmune and

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NJ Health- schoolchildren getting on bus

Back to School, Safely

While back-to-school is a time to shop for school supplies and the latest fashions, it also is the perfect time to check in on your child’s health with a physical exam.
Children’s and teens’ bodies and minds are constantly changing, so it is important to monitor their growth, health and development to safeguard against potential problems.

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NJ Weddings - Pink Cake Box-3 Cakes

Pink Cake Box

There’s something magical about a bakery box and the treasures they hold. That’s especially true at the Pink Cake Box, where they specialize in everything sweet. Owner and Cake Designer Anne Heap creates sensational cakes for all occasions, but she’s…

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NJ Family-Babysitting- Newborn Baby Daughter

NJ Family Features

NJ Family Life: Stories & Features Our family features cover every possible subject that has to do with the family in New Jersey. That is a staggeringly all-encompassing subject, we know that. But, with our family category, we’ll cover a…

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NJ Halloween-Capt-Clean Hero

Pirate for a Day, Knight for a Night

Does your child have an active imagination? Most toddlers and school children do. You can see it at work when he turns his train set into racers or starts cooking dinosaur soup with a set of plastic figurines. If it…

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NJ Home-Sullivan

Best Landscapes

When summer comes around, I begin to think about how I can improve my lawn and my flower gardens around the house. I like to keep up to date

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NJ Family - Flower-Fairy-with-Wings

Princess for a Day

Finding great toys for kids that invite them to use their imaginations is no easy feat. So much play today revolves around a screen somehow, and no matter how creative a video game seems on its face, there’s only a certain number of ways to interact with it. Kids end up doing what the game wants them to, not what they might do if the sky were truly the limit.

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NJ Health-Male physiotherapist examining mans arm

Understanding Physical Therapy

The practice of physical therapy is under-utilized in the state of New Jersey every day. John Gallucci Jr., President of JAG Physical Therapy/Medical Coordinator for Major League Soccer, spoke to the to help New Jersey residents understand what skilled physical therapy entails and how to attain great physical therapy services.

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