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Meals Get Messy at Nauti Cajun Crab in Metuchen

There’s a time and place for forks and knives, but sometimes, you just have to eat with your hands; which is exactly what you can expect when you visit Nauti Cajun Crab in Metuchen. With a seafood fork and claw cracker in hand, Nauti serves up Creole seafood boil that’s finger-licking good. Of course if you would rather use a fork you can still do that, too.

Chef and Owner Ryan Mai is serving Meutchen while taking traditional Creole seafood boil to the next level, with even better seasonings. The restaurant seats just 90 in its red leather chairs indoors, but offers outdoor seating as well. Mai says the eatery’s vibe is “contemporary and elegant.”

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Time to Get Crackin’ at Nauti Cajun Crab

When you’re ready to order, you begin by either picking a combo bucket or building your own. As you might expect, Mai says that the signature dish at Nauti Cajun Crab is the seafood boil. In particular, the “Sea Festival” can feed at least four guests; it comes with 1.25 pounds of snow clusters, 1.25 pounds of Dungeness clustersm, and 1.25 pounds of fresh hard-shell lobster, as well as 1 pound of Red King crab legs.

This bucket also comes with your choice of two side items, such as shrimp, crawfish, fresh mussels, or fresh clams. Lastly, the meal also comes with four pieces of corn, four potatoes, four lemonades, and sausages. As for the sauce, you can choose your spice level to suit your taste. In fact, according to the Nauti Cajun Crab website, sauces are made from secret blends of quality ingredients.

Nauti Cajun Crab restaurant Interior

If you don’t like to crack shells, you can instead try their noodle and rice dishes. Mai suggests seafood fried rice, which includes lobster, shrimp, King crab, Dungeness, snow crab meat, mussels and egg; this dish also comes with a side of mixed vegetables. He also raves about the garlic noodles. This simple dish features a complex sauce that complements their seafood.

Don’t Forget Your Drink

Meanwhile, the drink menu features sweet and refreshing juices they press in-house. Each of their beverage options pair well with the spicy meals they serve. Mai suggests both the fresh lemonade as well as the Nauti Fresh Passion Orangeade. In addition, Nauti is BYOB, so you can feel free to add rum, vodka, or whatever spirits suit your fancy.

You’ll find Nauti Cajun Crab at 7 New Street in Metuchen. To learn more, visit the website or you can give them a call.

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