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Find Modern American Food at Fork Hill Kitchen

Union City has a new BYO restaurant serving innovative and “approachable” seasonal cuisine. Fork Hill Kitchen is a 1,200-square foot, 44-seat eatery all about great food and bringing people together. Now open, Fork Hill hopes to be a new go-to spot for residents of Union and the surrounding towns.

The location has seen quite an evolution over the years. Prior to Fork Hill Kitchen, the space was a small grocery store, and then a coffee shop; from there, it was completely renovated into a full-service restaurant. The new décor is “warm, cozy and eclectic,” as Partner Brenda Griffin describes it. For instance, shelving was repurposed from the former Episcopal church next door. Meanwhile, the dining room showcases artwork from local artists with 100 percent of proceeds going back to the artists.

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Homemade Fare

At Fork Hill Kitchen, Executive Chef Eric Clemente cooks up dishes that are simple and casual with global flavors. He uses fresh, local ingredients – many of which are from nearby farmer’s markets – to produce a unique and tasty menu. “We’re a neighborhood restaurant with a family-friendly, casual vibe,” says Griffin. Thanks to the state-of-the art open kitchen, diners can “watch Chef Eric and his team in action,” she adds.

For early birds, the breakfast and lunch menu is available weekdays from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. So far, the most popular sandwiches are the Cubano, the B.E.C., the grilled cheese, and the Fork Hill Sandwich. Likewise, the housemade soups, grain bowl, and custom egg sandwiches are also favorites. Click here to see the full breakfast and lunch menu.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

But wait, there’s also a brunch menu that is anything but basic at Fork Hill Kitchen. The cornmeal pancakes, for example, are great on their own, but even better when adding chocolate chips or seasonal fruit. Then there are the chicken and white cheddar waffles with jalapeno maple syrup; chicken fans also have the option of a spicy chicken sandwich with pickled vegetables, sauce, and housemade hot honey.

Of course, come dinner, the menu changes. “Our menu evolves with the seasons with a primary focus on what can be sourced locally,” says Griffin. In fact, the chef does his own pickling, and pastas and mozzarella are made in house. Popular apps include chicken wings and grilled calamari, while top-selling dishes include handmade cavatelli with braised lamb as well as the faux-lonese. In addition, desserts such as the bread pudding are housemade and seasonal. You can find the full dinner menu here.

FHK Burger

Special Events at Fork Hill Kitchen

On the final Tuesday of every month, Clemente serves a three-course, prix-fixe menu. “It highlights a cuisine or cooking style that showcases his culinary expertise,” says Griffin. In February, for example, patrons were treated to gyoza, karaage, and tonkutsu ramen.

As for other frequent specials, Wednesday is Burger Night featuring the FHK Burger; this signature burger offers a double patty, double cheese, pickles, caramelized onions and sauce. On top of that, Chef Eric creates special burgers for Burger Night such as the Fat Hill and Juicy Lucy burgers.

If you would like to visit Fork Hill Kitchen, head to 201 16th Street in Union City. For more info, visit their website or click here to call.

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