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Halloween Costume Tips for 2017's Most Popular Characters

Every Halloween, children love to select their costumes based off the year’s most popular characters. In anticipation of this year’s costume selections, Best of NJ is making predictions for what characters will be most popular, and offering costuming tips on how to join the fun. From on-screen blockbuster to sidewalk showstopper, here’s a list of scene-stealing costumes that may just have Hollywood knocking at your door.

halloween costume, costumeBlockbuster: Wonder Woman

This female super hero never ages. Making over your pumpkin into a courageous Amazon princess from the hidden island of Themyscira with superpowers and a cute little costume will give her all the armor she’ll need to fend off any villain from wreaking havoc on her dress up day. Lasso her up with her favorite accessories – a tiara, bracelet and either a skirt or pants (Wonder Woman has worn many costumes since her debut in December of 1941!) – then send her off to save the world…and remember to tell her to grab an extra KitKat for mom! Bonus points if she can convince her friends she also has an invisible jet parked on the playground.

halloween costume, costumeBlockbuster: Captain Underpants

If the prankster in your family is looking to laugh the pants off someone, then storybook and movie legend Captain Underpants is the perfect fit. From a full body suit to a fresh, clean pair of tighty whities, there are so many hilarious options for your wise guy to bring this character — created by author and illustrator Dav Pilkey — to life. Just make sure to keep the potty humor rated G, and be absolutely certain the cape has black polka-dots. Bonus points if your child can convince you they have to drink sugary beverages all day (getting soaked in water is what makes Captain Underpants turn back into his alter-ego and lose his powers).

halloween costume, costumeBlockbuster: Smurfs: The Lost Village

Do the words “clumsy, grouchy or brainy” describe the kids in your life? If so, getting your whole family involved in a Smurf adventure could win your crew an award for “best ensemble.” These cool characters made their cartoon debut in the early 80’s and their blue faces are still as cute as ever in 2017. Their actual origin dates back to 1958, where the Smurfs were created as part of a comic series by artist Pierre Culliford. Today, there are more than 100 Smurfs, all named after an adjective which best describes their personality; the only exception is Smurfette, the first female Smurf. Bonus points if your Smurfs play a fun trick on the grumpy Gargamel in town.

halloween costume, costumeBlockbuster: The Lego Batman Movie

Bruce Wayne plus loads of LEGOs equals Batman-mania. Let your kids build on their creativity by choosing which Gotham character they want to transform into for the day. They can pretend to fight crime with a bat suit, terrorize the Batcave’s candy bowl as the Joker or team up as Robin and Batgirl to protect their fellow trick-or-treaters. Bonus points if your Caped Crusader’s costume includes Easter Egg references to more than three incarnations of the Dark Knight, much like how LEGO Batman‘s batcave is a mashup of gadgets, vehicles and costumes from throughout Batman’s 75+ year career as a crime-fighting detective in Gotham City.

halloween costume, costumeBlockbuster: The Emoji Movie

Feeling excited, mischievous or… poopy? This year, kids will be tapping into their feelings and freeing their inner emoji. The amount of creativity is endless when offering your child a chance to wear their emotions on the outside. From straightforward adaptations of the film’s cast of characters — which are a near-exact match for the popular emoji kids use in their everyday digital communications — to unique mashups that intermix multiple emotions, we’re betting this year will offer up some colorful, if not entirely silly, costumes. Bonus points for parents who can go the whole holiday without talking about how much they dislike this movie.

If none of these wardrobe ideas work for your young thespian, here is a list of other mega-popular, kid-friendly flicks that were released in 2017 for inspiration:
Despicable Me 3, The Descendants 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Beauty and The Beast and Cars 3.