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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Volunteering for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in NJ

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’”. No longer just a day to honor Dr. King’s historic legacy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is now considered…

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Brix City Brewery

Brew Jersey: Brix City Brewing

High school best friends Joe Delcalzo and Peter Reuther didn’t have dreams of that one-in-a-million, get-rich-quick idea. They just didn’t want to answer to anyone. Little did these Hasbrouck Heights High School graduates know that the path to being their…

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NJ Weekly Roundup: Week 1

What’s happening in New Jersey this week? Take a look at the latest NJ Weekly Roundup (Week 1) for a breakdown of items and events. The list kicks off with highlights from the week and daily observance days, before featuring…

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winter cocktails

5 Winter Cocktails to Try This Season

With the holidays a distant memory, January is the time to settle into the toasty depths of winter. By this time, people are once again used to wearing heavy coats and tasting the warm, spicy, seasonal flavors. At the same…

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indoor rock climbing

The Best Indoor Rock Climbing Spots in NJ

The kids are climbing the walls. They’ve watched every movie on Netflix and have been glued to their phones and devices. They need to get moving—and so do you—stat! But the temperature is beyond bitter outside. So why not try…

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best juice bars

Best Juice Bars in NJ

If you’re ready for a new and improved you in 2017, then you are ready for some juice. Not the kind that comes in a sippy cup or box, but the kind that revitalizes, reenergizes and refuels your body after…

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NJ Pre-School Uses the Outdoors as its Classroom

In the dynamic atmosphere of the 21st century, with kids captivated by electronics and new forms of media, teachers can find it difficult to engage students in important lessons. Though the tools for teaching are readily available, educators often have…

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