The teenage years are never easy; from school to sports to relationships, teenagers have a number of things to worry about every day. When a child approaches 13-years-old, their responsibilities increase, their bodies change and their minds grow. Depending on a teen’s aspirations and decisions, these years can be even tougher. As was the case for Claudia Mason.

The average teenager has a stressful weekly schedule, especially during the school year. While for many, that stress first begins to build when entering middle school, it can be exaggerated even further for students with a career in teen modeling in what little free time they have outside of school and extracurriculars.

On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, supermodel and actress Claudia Mason talks about her brand new book, Finding the Supermodel in You: The Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling.

This video was made possible thanks to Holy Name Medical Center.
This video was made possible thanks to Holy Name Medical Center.

Mason was discovered at the very young age of 13, when she was out one day with her friend. The incredible opportunity presented to her proved bittersweet, though, when friends at school turned against her because of jealousy. Facing her problems head-on, she soon became featured on the covers of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elite, and many more, becoming a notable American supermodel.

In her new book, Mason gives readers advice for building self-confidence, handling mean people, moving away from home and finding one’s way in corporate America. To learn more about Mason and her book, check out this edition of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis.

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