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Our Car Dealerships Business Directory features the Best Car Dealerships in New Jersey. Our statewide listings are curated to spotlight the Garden State’s best local businesses.

Below, you’ll find a list of our recommended car dealerships.

The Best Car Dealerships in New Jersey

First, Celebrity Motor Car is one of our top recommendations. This auto group offers makes and models from some of the world’s most premium manufacturers. For example, Celebrity Motor Car offers the latest vehicles from Lexus, Maserati and BMW. They have numerous locations throughout New Jersey, however, so you’ll need to visit their website for details.

Next, Maplecrest Ford in Mendham is another top-rated car dealer in NJ. Of course, they specialize is selling an assortment of Ford models. In fact, they are a one-stop shop for all things Ford. In addition to vehicles for sale, they also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services. Each customer’s happiness and satisfaction is their primary concern.

Finally, Ray Catena Auto Group is one of the best car dealerships in New Jersey. This group also has a number of locations throughout the Garden State. Moreover, the team at Ray Catena knows everything there is to know about high-quality vehicles. Stop by one of their many NJ locations to find your ideal car today.