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The Lobster House Wins Best of NJ Seafood Poll 2014

Based on User Poll, The Best of NJ Seafood award for 2014 goes to The Lobster House in Cape May.

The restaurant has been a favorite of ours for years, but it looks like it has quite a few fans in New Jersey besides Chef Val and myself. At the bottom of the article are some photos that were graciously supplied to us by the restaurant. The Lobster House is not just a treasure of the Jersey Shore but also of the entire state.

Other nominated restaurants include Bahrs Landing in Highlands, Keyport Fisheries in Keyport, The Lusty Lobster in Highlands and Blue Water Seafood in East Brunswick.

We would love to have your comments on the winner and the runners up in the poll. If you want to tell us why you like these restaurants, just leave a comment and join the discussion. In 2015, we plan on expanding our readers poll, and we will be asking for your help in finding and rewarding the Best of NJ in every region of the state and numerous categories.

The Lobster House is a huge business with an army of staff. It is one of the busiest restaurants that we’ve ever seen and for good reason. They are open for lunch and dinner every day all year long. It has five dining rooms, a schooner dining room, a fresh seafood market, and a take out dockside restaurant. They do not take reservations, but you can have a drink at the bar while you’re waiting. The Lobster House is located at 906 Schellengers Landing Road on the north side of town. You can’t miss their gigantic green sign on the left as you drive into Cape May.

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