If you’re ready for a new and improved you, then you are ready for some juice. Not the kind that comes in a sippy cup or box, but the kind that revitalizes, reenergizes and refuels your body. Put simply: Juicing extracts the juice from fruits and veggies. The result is a liquid that contains most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that are contained in the whole fruit.

According to the Mayo Clinic, juicing can help your body absorb nutrients more easily while also allowing your digestive system the opportunity to rest instead of breaking down fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing has been known to help remove toxins from your body, boost your immune system and aid in weight loss.

If you’re new to juicing, or are just ready to reawaken your inner green goddess, these are the bars pressing the good stuff.

Manhattan Juice Bar & Café

Where: 212 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair
Details: A visit to Manhattan Juice Bar & Café is a jump start to a healthy lifestyle in more ways than one.
Juice, food and relaxation are the holy trinity here. Sip on one of their signature juices or smoothies while kicking back in the Wi-Fi equipped relaxation station or stop by for lunch and enjoy options such as veggie and chicken empanadas, quinoa bowls, acai bowls or creamy lentil soup. This spot also has a fully functional coffee and espresso bar, making it the perfect stop for a coffee date while juicing!
More info: www.manhattanjuicebarandcafe.com or call 973-744-4100

Arlee’s Raw Blends

Where: 246 Nassau Street, Princeton
Details: A new mom’s 21-day cleanse was the inspiration for Arlee’s Raw Blends. The newfound energy, youthful complexion and mental clarity Arlee experienced after three weeks of juicing was enough for her to want to share her experience with others. She created a juice bar that focuses on cold-pressing 100% organic produce for optimal health and taste.  The cold press process enables the extracted living enzymes to remain intact in the juice for up to 72 hours. So every juice is fresh, every juice is delicious and served in a BPA-free glass jar.
More info: www.arleesrawblends.com or call 609-580-1899

best juice bars

Shore Juice

Where: 261 97th Street Harbor Square, Stone Harbor
Details: Love the shore? Then you’ll love Shore Juice. This seaside juice shack is a must for health enthusiasts looking for a complete juicing experience. They carry freshly made veggie and fruit juices, juice blends and an array of acai bowls and soft-serve fruit. They have even created their own detox program around the juices they make in-house!
More info: www.shorejuice.com or call 609-610-1700


Where: 586 Avenue C, Bayonne
Details: The crew at Squeeze’d scours the farmers market for the ingredients they put into their juices. Vegan-friendly, they pride themselves on serving the plant-based community healthy and delicious juices, smoothies and more. Squeeze’d is based in Bayonne, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come to you. Their detox packages are available for pickup and delivery within Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City & Weehawken.
More info: squeezednj.wixsite.com or call 201-455-3723

Simply Juiced

Where: 262A First Street, Hoboken
Details: Organic and locally farmed produce is put to good use in the juices and raw food menu at Hoboken’s Simply Juiced. Founded by a group of lifelong vegans and fitness pros, the options at Simply Juiced are eye-opening. Think drinks like the ‘chocolate milk’ made with coconut meat, coconut water, coconut nectar and raw cacao, charcoal lemonade made with activated charcoal and citrus and detox juices full of ginger, lemon, turmeric and cayenne. Hungry? Stop by for walnut butter & chia seed jam sandwiches, or the coconut cream pie made with coconut flakes, dates, coconut meat and cashews. Looking for something savory, not sweet? Try the layered zucchini lasagna and mac & no cheese made with kelp noodles.
More info: www.simplyjuiced.org or call 201-420-8888

best juice bars

Green Point Juicery

Where: 532 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona
Details: Unique specialty smoothies like the Apple Pie (apple, banana, kale, honey, NutMilk, and cinnamon) and the Vanilla Sky (banana, strawberry, vanilla extract, Stevia, romaine, and coconut water) make Green Point a favorite in Verona. They cold press juices with locally sourced organic ingredients and amp them up with immune boosters and antioxidant shots. A selection of raw vegan snacks is also on offer.
More info: www.facebook.com/GPJuicery or call  973-500-3044

Fresh Press Juice Co.

Where: 105 South Avenue East, Cranford
Details: Two sisters raised on ranches and farms in East Vineland opened Fresh Press Juice Co. in 2013 after years of juicing at home together. Determined to share their love of healthful living with their friends and family, Fresh Press Juice is how they do it, with a menu full of unique small bites, acai bowls, detox systems and cold-pressed juices. Fan favorites include the Carrot Cooler, made with raw young Thai coconut water, carrot and lime, and the Orange You Hot, full of orange, carrot, sweet potato and cayenne. Juices to-order include the Hangover Helper (pineapple, orange, carrot, kale and lemon), and the Regulator made with beet, apple, spinach, swiss chard, kale and ginger.
More info: freshpressjuiceco.com or call 908-272-3927

best juice bars

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