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Articles by Mary Beth Schwartz

Mother's Day Tea

7 Helpful Tips for Enjoying Mother’s Day Tea

This Mother’s Day give Mom something she will always treasure—a reservation for a delightful afternoon tea. Enjoy a few leisurely hours with close friends or family, taking in the tea room atmosphere, the petite courses and the fine conversation. Highly…

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12 Ways NJ Kids Can Help Save the Earth

Earth Day is the perfect time to get your kids involved in saving the planet. This annual celebration is not just about having fun at local events—it is a day for participating in environmental education or interactive activities that will…

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Autism Resources

Autism Resources for NJ Families

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that 1 in every 45 people in New Jersey have been diagnosed with autism, compared to the national average of 1 in 68 people. Behind these epidemic…

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Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness Events for NJ Families

During the month of April, The Autism Society celebrates National Autism Awareness Month in their nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion, and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is provided the opportunity…

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iD Tech

iD Tech Offers Summer Camps for STEM Students

STEM is a national movement to get students involved with science, technology, engineering, and math. The number of kids extending the school year with this specialized learning during the summer months is rapidly increasing. It’s in the best interest of…

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Pysanky Takes Easter Egg Dying to the Next Level

When it comes to Easter in New Jersey, the Ukrainian culture does it right. While cooks are hard at work in Garden State kitchens making homemade breads, stuffed cabbage, and pierogies, artisans began working months ago on traditional crafts like…

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Kitchen Cousins

Meet NJ’s Most Famous Kitchen Cousins

Once upon a time in Jersey, there lived two first cousins: John Colaneri from Wyckoff, and Anthony Carrino of Franklin Lakes. Their suburban childhoods consisted of riding BMX bikes, playing sports, hanging out, and lots of family celebrations, while summers…

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