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Articles by Hope Daniels

long branch, family fun

A Day of Family Fun in Long Branch

This article is sponsored by Investors Bank. Starting your day early at this oceanfront town is the key to squeezing in a full day of fun. Begin with a yummy breakfast, spend the morning at the beach, stop by Pier…

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swim lessons

The Best Swim Lessons for NJ Kids

Is your family ready to dive into the warm weather? Whether you plan on heading to the Jersey Shore, lake or community pool this summer, swim lessons are an important prerequisite. Enrolling your child in swim classes builds confidence and…

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mother's day gifts

Jersey Shore Themed Mother’s Day Gifts

Cowabunga! If your mom loves the smell of the ocean, soaking in the sun and swimming in the water check out these beach-themed gifts for Mother’s Day. From the sand to her hand, we searched some of the coolest and…

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