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Articles by Hope Daniels

best lice removal, lice removal centers

The Best Lice Removal Centers in New Jersey

Back to school brings many pleasures but head lice isn’t one of them. If your child is sent home with an infestation, there’s no need to panic. While the thought of having lice and getting rid of it is certainly…

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dinner, show, red bank

Dinner and a Show In Red Bank

Great news, Broadway fans! You don’t have to travel all the way to the Big Apple for dinner and a show anymore. At the Count Basie Theatre, located in the heart of the hip town of Red Bank, you can…

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best dessert, dessert spots, downtown red bank

The Best Dessert Spots in Downtown Red Bank

Never, ever question what you are going to have for dessert again! There are many things that Red Bank does well, and sweet treats is most definitely one of them. These dessert spots in downtown Red Bank are worth the…

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Best Farmer’s Markets Along The Shore

Transform your next BBQ from beyond basic to the best time ever! Adding Springsteen and summer ales is just the beginning of a well-planned house party, but check out where you can find the best local vegetables and finest produce…

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