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Articles by Dan Bergstein

NJ Halloween-Haunted NJ- Eyes Blue Haunted NJ Hero

Haunted NJ: The Series

From horrifying houses like the Seabrook-Wilson estate to researching the lore of the Jersey Devil, our Haunted NJ series is sure to keep you up at night…

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What Is a Sloppy Joe?

NJ Vocabulary: What Is a Sloppy Joe?

While some can argue that a New Jersey tomato pie is similar to a pizza, comparing a New Jersey Sloppy Joe to a Sloppy joe anywhere else is impossible. And there are still some New Jersey residents who aren’t aware…

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NJ Vocabulary: What Is Pork Roll?

It’s breakfast. It’s lunch. It’s dinner. It’s brunch. It’s a sandwich, a pizza topping, a side dish or a main course. It’s pork roll — and it’s our NJ Vocabulary word of the week. If you’ve ever been in a…

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Tomato Pie

NJ Vocabulary: What Is a Tomato Pie?

It shouldn’t be any different, right? It’s the same three ingredients, just in a different order. But just as 1-2-3 isn’t the same as 3-2-1, changing the order changes everything. And there’s something delicious in the special way an authentic…

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Rutt's Hut, Rippers

NJ Vocabulary: What is a Ripper?

Philadelphia has the cheesesteak, Chicago has deep-dish pizza and Portland has whatever the hell kale is — but when it comes to regional cuisine, nothing is quite as unique and delicious as the Ripper at Rutt’s Hut in Clifton. Rutt’s…

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Veterans Day Deals and Discounts

Veteran Day Deals and Discounts in NJ

Businesses across the state are giving back to the brave men and women of our armed forces this Veterans Day, with deals that are a small token of gratitude for their service. From discounted or free meals to markdowns on clothes…

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NJ Halloween-Haunted NJ-Grave Yard Princeton

Haunted NJ: Ghost Hunting in Princeton

Princeton University has produced world leaders, top business professionals and every type of genius. And when these brilliant men and women pass away, they often come back to a place they loved, making the university and surrounding town one of…

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Haunted NJ: Cape May’s Ghostly Hotspots

During the summer, Cape May is a place of sun and relaxation, but many vacationers don’t realize they’re actually sleeping with ghosts — hundreds of ghosts. Cape May, NJ is not only the most haunted town in the state, it…

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NJ Halloweel-Jersey Devil Hero

Haunted NJ: The Jersey Devil

You undoubtedly know the name, even if you don’t know the legend. The Jersey Devil has become one of the icons of the Garden State, and there are regular sightings of the malformed demon throughout the area. This week, it…

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