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John & Company

My name is John Stringfellow and I am the publisher of BestofNJ.com.

I am the writer, editor, one man IT Department, ad sales rep and janitor at BestofNJ.com. I wear many hats here in order to keep the company running.

I’ve lived a lot of places since I left Alabama in 1977; Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, New York, Florida and South Carolina. Those are all great places, but none of them compare with New Jersey. Here in this land sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia, lies a place of incredible beauty, fascinating history and incredible cultural diversity. For beauty, I’ve got the beaches of Sandy Hook, LBI and Cape May to the South and the mountains, lakes and rivers of Sussex County to the North. For history I’ve got Washington’s Crossing down the road, Jockey Hollow to the east and Batsto Village to the south. For cultural diversity, we’ve got African American, Greek, Irish, Italian, and Nordic festivals scattered throughout the state all year long.

Best of NJ Events Listings:

Our mission is to be the best place to find out what’s happening today in New Jersey. You can always check our N.J. Events Calendar to get a quick idea of what events are coming up this month. Our listings feature events of all types. There’s bound to be something for you whether they’re six or sixty. You’ll find car shows, art shows, seminars, book signings, carnivals, charity walks, jazz festivals, wine tastings, tricky trays, firework displays and more.

Best of NJ Weddings Listings:

In 2004, I wrote an article on the Best Wedding Venues in Bucks County. That little article became a very popular feature on Frenchtowner.com. The response to that feature led me to write another one on wedding venues in Hunterdon County and then eventually to write one of the Best NJ Weddings. That article has garnered more interest than any article that I have ever written. It is the basic inspiration for our entire site.

Best of NJ Living:

When I’m not listing events, I do lifestyle features on whatever speaks to me or that I feel you might find useful. In the past I’ve written about artists, weddings, restaurants, boutique hotels, carnivals, county fairs, and antique stores. I also do quite a few virtual photographic tours because I love photography and design.

If you need to contact us, just leave us a comment below and we write you right back.

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